Therapeutic Oils

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Therapeutic oils

Essential oils evolved into my personal miracle weapon: It doesn’t matter whether I’m stressed and can’t relax, have a bad mood or sore muscles. It feels like there is an essential oil that I can use to support every problem. And the oils work in a completely natural way.

But what actually are essential oils anyway? What are the differences? And how can they be used safely? I now have a good overview, but especially at the beginning I found everything a bit overwhelming and I would have liked a systematic compilation of the most important information. Today for you in this post: The important information about for the good start in your Essential Oils Journey.

Natural or Synthetical

Synthetically produced are to be declared also as essential oils. While natural essential oils are obtained from real plants, synthetically produced essential oils are chemically produced in the laboratory in order to create certain fragrance profiles, for example for perfumes or scented candles.

Quality standard for essential oils doesn’t exist and organic certification unfortunately does not necessarily mean free of fillers and can be used therapeutically. 80% of the oils on the market are adulterated in some way, according to APRC, the Aromatic Plant Research Center. But: there are also really great essential oils. My personal favorite: dōTERRA essential oils.

How to use


Wrists, elbows, neck, behind the ears, neck, spine, chest, abdomen, soles of the feet. Lubricating the soles of the feet is the safest and very effective thanks to the receptor points. Beware of phototoxicity and photosensitization. Remember that some oils are phototoxic and photosensitizing. Watch out for LEMON, WILD ORANGE, BERGAMOT, MANDARIN, LIME and GINGER.

Protect your skin! Once moistured with one of the above oils, you should avoid direct sun up to 24 hours. So it’s best to apply them either evenings or to the spots of your body, which are not directly
exposed to the sun.


Inhaling from the bottle, from objects made of natural materials, such as volcanic lava, cotton strings, raw wood, unglazed ceramics or by diffusing with a nebulizer or a water diffuser (not a fireplace, because the oils should be protected from temperature) higher than 40 degrees Celsius). You can also inhale the oils by making a “diffuser” (roof) from our hands. Just put a drop on the hands and rub it in.


consuming in capsules, which can be purchased separatly. Fill the capsule with few drops of the oil and consume. You can add a drop of essential oil, e.g. Lemon, Wild Orange, Grapefruit, to water, tea, smoothies and meals. Dip a toothpick in a bottle of essential oil, eg Coriander, Basil, Oregano, and stir the soup in a pot or the sauce in a bowl. I also recommend the Peppermint Mint with cocoa. It is delicious.


Lubricating the skin (avoiding the eye, ear and nose area) point wise (eg. Tea Tree directly on a pimple) or for massage after diluting with any base oil (eg. coconut, almond or other). To stimulate the digestive fire, put three drops of Peppermint on a teaspoon of carrier oil (5ml) to massage your stomach clockwise carefully. Do not put to much pressure there. Be careful of hot oils such as CLOUD, CINNAMON, CINNAMON BARK (CASSIA), THYME, OREGANO. We use them topically always in a high dilution of about 1%, i.e. 1 drop per 5ml.

Remember that:

  • 5ml is a small SPOON
  • 10ml is the average SPOON
  • 15ml is a LARGE TABLE spoon.

And now the percentages:

  • 1 drop of essential oil per 100 drops (5ml, i.e. a small teaspoon) of carrier oil is a 1% dilution
  • 5 drops of essential oil in 5 ml of oil is the dilution (5%)
  • 10 drops of essential oil per 10 ml of oil is the dilution (10%)


  • adults, the optimal 10% dilution is 10 drops per 5ml (teaspoon)
  • teenagers 5% (5 drops per 5ml)
  • children over five years 3% (3 drops per 5ml)
  • children up to five years of age and pregnant women 2% (2 drops per 5ml)
  • infants 0.5-1%, which is the same as on a toothpick or 1 drop, eg Lavender per 5ml of base oil for foot massage.

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