Common Questions

Do I have to order every month?

No matter what kind of customer account you choose – you are never obliged to order anything or to reach a minimum order quantity. When you open a dōTERRA account, it simply means that you will always receive your products at a 25% discount on the retail price

Should you choose to order on a regular basis, dōTERRA offers an extremely generous loyalty program, making such orders more than 25% off. In fact, you can get up to 55% off the retail price over time, and shipping also becomes almost free

All loyalty orders can be easily interrupted or terminated at any time!
There are no order obligations or minimum order quantities at dōTERRA.

What will I do with all that oils?

Once upon a time, I had also no idea how to use them or what they could do. However, now I use oils literally every day, in different situations and whenever I feel I can support my and my family health and well-being.

One of the great advantages of opening a dōTERRA account with me, is that I will provide you with: comprehensive support when you start using the oils, information on how and where to find the answers. I will give you my experience which I gained through all this time I use oils. For people who are building their business and already have their customers with questions about essential oils and their possible uses, I offer full support.

Do I have to actively promote business? I only want to use it for my own needs.

Depending on your personal ambitions and commitment, you can start building a smaller or larger source of income or just buy oils sometimes for your own use. Nothing by force. If you don’t fell it, it is ok.

However, most dōTERRA customers are so pleased and satisfied with the oils they use for themselves that they start promoting them on their own. Remember, that no one will ever try to push you in any direction. It is YOUR decision.

If you over time become interested in building your income with dōTERRA, I would be delighted to discuss this with you and support your personal goals. In this way, you will be able to create your own brand and establish your position as a market leader.

dōTERRA is not a financial pyramid, but a relatively young company that has now become the world’s leading supplier of therapeutic oils, mainly due to the truly exceptional quality of its essential oils. In addition to this, high quality, unconditional credibility, outstanding customer service and very responsible treatment of nature and the people who produce the oils are among the pillars of dōTERRA ‘s success.

Why are they so expensive?

This is a very important point, but it all depends on what your priorities are. However, there is no more important investment than this in our health and in the health and well-being of the people we care about.

Each 15ml bottle contains approximately 250 drops of essential oil which are so pure and strong that in many cases one drop per application is really enough.

When you buy a dōTERRA Home Essentials Kit (which is a very popular entry-level kit containing ten most used oils), a drop of Lemon essential oil will cost you about 4 cents, and a drop of Frankincense oil is the most expensive oil in the kit, around 28 cents.

Properly used oils can serve us for a very long time. Once you feel and experience the health benefits, you likely won’t be questioning the price anymore.

It takes three tons of plant material to produce one pound of lemon balm oil, which must be processed within an hour after the plant is harvested, otherwise a large proportion of the essential oils contained in it would evaporate.

Can you imagine how much effort goes into one bottle of oil?

In fact, even beyond that reasoning, the prices of dōTERRA oils are absolutely reasonable, when you consider
– that the plants from which the oils are made come from regions of the world where they naturally grow and therefore have the highest content of active ingredients (currently from over 40 countries around the world),

– that dōTERRA always works directly with local farmers, pays them fair money and never involves wholesalers or middlemen.

– that dōTERRA works with and supports many local development aid organizations in the cultivation of plants in developing countries through the dōTERRA Hand Healers Foundation in building infrastructure (hospitals, schools, etc.),

– that dōTERRA essential oils are always 100% pure and never diluted with, for example, alcohol or other undeclared oils (which, unfortunately, is very common in the case of cheap oils),

– that dōTERRA employs by far the most complex testing methods in the industry for quality assurance

Is there a proper support, where I can call in to sole some issues?

dōTERRA is still a relatively young company – it was established in 2008 in the USA. The seven founders are still personal and very committed. You can meet them regularly and chat with them at corporate events.
For all questions that arise, for example in the context of procurement, there is also a multi-lingual customer service that can usually be called without long queues and which is extremely friendly, non-bureaucratic and committed to helping you solve any problems and offer solutions.

Even if that is not enough, dōTERRA has a product return policy that, in its customer-friendly form, greatly overshadows our legal requirements, allowing products to be returned for up to one year after purchase, and most of the purchase price will be refunded.

So as you can see, getting to know essential oils doesn’t really come with a lot of risk.

Do the oils have a proper certificates?

DōTERRA essential oils do not actually have an official organic certification. This is because many oils come from countries that do not have such certificates. If the oils were individually certified in all the countries in which they are sold, it would be much more expensive. Unfortunately, there are no consistent quality standards for essential oils across the industry, so dōTERRA has been forced to define its own standard for its products: it’s called “CPTG” – “Certified Pure Tested Grade” therapeutic quality. DōTERRA has detailed this quality standard and verifies its compliance for each batch of oil by independent, external laboratories. You can also check these test results on the dedicated website by entering the batch number printed on the bottom of the bottle! These measures not only ensure that the oils always contain only the declared ingredients and are free from pesticides and toxic chemicals. But also that they have a consistently high content of active ingredients, thanks to which therapeutic efficacy is ensured. And that’s much more than any official eco-label can achieve!

Can the oils really replace medicines?

When I first encountered essential oils, I was wondering if they are really that good, that I won’t have to use anything else from the pharmacy anymore.
After using my oils more and more over time and having my first experiences with them, I was extremely amazed to see how targeted and how often they work. In fact, essential oils affect so-called brain’s olfactory system (the part of our brain that directly affects our emotions) in 22 seconds, depending on how they are used, your bloodstream and affect all cells in the body within approximately 22 minutes.

How quickly you consciously feel the effects of essential oils depends of course on several factors, but from my own experience I can assure you that you do not have to shy away from comparing with synthetic preparations from the pharmacy in terms of their effectiveness and reliability.

And even drugs that try to mimic the way essential oils work will almost never be as effective. Because natural essential oil is made up of approximately 50 to 500 different chemical building blocks – such complexity simply cannot be reliably produced in a laboratory these days.

Are oils really safe to use? Are there any site effects I have to be afraid off?

One of the reasons I love essential oils so much and use them, is because I believe they are much safer than conventional medications. Of course, it is also necessary to learn how to use them safely and effectively. But when we look at the frighteningly long lists of possible side effects of synthetic pharmaceuticals, the question no longer arises which product we prefer.
Because, unlike synthetic drugs, essential oils mostly balance the body’s and psyche’s processes, i.e. they can restore functions disturbed by long-term stress, e.g. to their natural balance. As a result, side effects should not be feared if used correctly.
One of the most common concerns about using essential oils is that they can cause skin irritation or contact allergies. This can be avoided by diluting the oils sufficiently with a neutral carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil. In addition, of course, it is imperative that the essential oils used are 100% pure, therapeutic quality. Because it is mainly cheap oils from the drugstore that cause the problems described above.

There have been very lively and rather undifferentiated discussions about the consumption of essential oils in the last few years. In fact, this option depends on a given oil and its purpose, but it has been proven that taking many oils is a very reasonable and effective form of consumption (assuming the right dose and quality of the oils, of course).

However, it is important that you realize that you always use essential oils at your own risk and that you will acquire your own basic knowledge of possible uses over time. And when in doubt, discuss the use of essential oils with your doctor, alternative doctor, or therapist.

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