About Me

Hi! I am Ali. Welcome.

All what you will find here is what I love. Oils, Crystals, Candles and Wellness in general. I am Wellness Therapist who wants to give you the opportunity to experience the good vibes of nature. I am adamant that the essential oils I provide, will make your life better and you once try them, you will find your inner balance, happiness and fulfilment – You just have to allow it.

Throughout the time I am using oils I have gained a lot of experience on what oils can be used where in order to support you best. I can also create a beautiful, custom made gifts, specially for you or your loved once, which will help gain more energy, balance, happiness in life. In natural way.

I make 100% natural candles with therapeutical oils of your choice (if you want).
Such candles support your spirit when dealing with various issues and can be helpful if you want to meditate or get grounded. Or just as a gift of nature for your friends.

I can make a Roll On with crystals and oils for your zodiac sign, or chakras of your choice, which you might have hard time with. Oils, candles, crystals have magic and huge power to make our lives better in any way. Allow it and take it with gratefulness and the Universe will guide you.

If you deicide to join me on my journey with oils and become Wellness Advocate, I can give you my knowledge. I will help you achieve your goals. I help you on technical part, should you want to create your own website. I give you some tips and will teach how to spread good words and teach people about Oils, which change your life for much better. Allow it and take it with gratefulness and the Universe will guide you.

What exactly are essential oils?

Essential oils are the fragrant essences of plants. These concentrated liquid substance mixtures consist of various organic substances that are soluble in one another and are obtained either synthetically or from natural sources by steam distillation, extraction or pressing of the plants or parts of plants. I use only natural, therapeutically pure oils from DoTerra.

On the bottom of each bottle you will find a number that you can enter in a special field on the website www.SourceToYou.com to check the results of tests carried out on a specific batch of the oil from which the given oil comes. These tests (gas and chiral chromatography, mass spectrometry, isotope analysis, microbiological testing) exclude the content of cheaper admixtures, synthetic substitutes, microbes and heavy metals. DoTerra tests its oils at every stage of production, from soil quality to the distillation, packaging and transport process. This Company makes sure that pure oil full of power goes to our hands.

What is your motivation?


If you are ill, everything is nothing. – I think, this phrase hits the spot. From my point of view, physical health and emotional well-being are important pillars for a fulfilled and happy life.

This is where Mother Nature helps us to develop well, healthy and balanced. We just need to turn towards her and give her the chance and the opportunity to connect with us.


Once you have experienced the freedom and fulfillment of a self-determined life, you will never want to give it up again.

Do you also dream of professional independence and financial independence on an ethical and sustainable basis?

I would love to accompany you on this path!


Every one who supports, encourages and inspires you is your team. People with whom you can grow, laugh and celebrate your successes together. Your husband, friend, people like me, who wish you all the best from this world and want you to grow. For me, helping each other and sharing good energy is very important. This way what used to be “work”, becomes a lifestyle that fulfills us and makes us happy. Do you want to join me?

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8am to 5pm

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