Here you will find the most important information and step-by-step instructions for registering with doTERRA – so that you can enjoy the wonderful oils as easily as possible.

Remeber: You are not bound to any subscription when you order. One-time orders are possible at any time.

Step 1:
Click here or enter this URL in your browser:

Step 2:
Click on the “Join & Save” menu button.

Step 3:
Determine your language and country.

Step 4:
Select type of customer you want to be

“tick” the box accordingly whether you want to have a Wholesale Customer or a Wellness Advocate account. Both accounts have a permanent 25% discount on purchases and the ability to receive back 10-30% of the order at product points and free Oil of the Month. If you only want to buy oils, click “Wholesale Customer”. If you want to receive additional remuneration and bonus, click “Wellness Advocate”. Write to me if you want to know more.

Step 5:
Enter your personal information. Put correct time zone. If it is EU then Brussels or Paris

Step 6:
Check again whether the Enroller ID & Sponsor ID has this number: ID:10204152 Choose your password and click on.

Step 7:
Now you can choose the kit you want to order. If you want to order individual oils, make sure that you have selected the “Welcome Pack”. This is basically your registration fee so that you can get the products at the purchase price (25% discount). In the case of an enrollment kit, it is no longer necessary.

My tip:
put a bottle of “fractionated coconut oil” in your shopping cart so that you can start using the oils on your body right away. This should always be done with a carrier oil so that you can use the oils safely.

If the system asks you if you are ready to start earning free product points by setting up your monthly order (“Are you ready to start earning FREE product points by setting up a montly order?”) Click “YES” to set up the LRP template ( Loyalty Rewards Program) to earn points (“Create New LRP Template”).

You can do it by adding to your cart products with a total value above 50PV (around 50EUR). It is important that you get 7 return points for the shipment of the starter order, and by making subsequent purchases through this template you get return points from 10% to 30% (after one year) of the order value and a refund of 7 points (7pv) for the shipment.

If you set the LRP above 125pv (around 125 euros) and with the execution date between the 1st and 15th of the following month, you will receive a free Oil of the Month!!

Step 8:
Choose how you want to pay (the oils are the quickest way to get to you with a credit card) and submit your order.

That is it!
Welcome by Nature by Ali and DoTERRa Family. Bring the beauty of nature to your home and find your inner balance.

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